Repro360: A new tool for cattle breeders

A new resource for cattle breeders is now available to improve the reproductive management of livestock systems. Repro360 has been created by Vetoquinol Australia to help breeders, veterinarians and artificial breeding companies to have a holistic approach to the field of reproduction in Food Producing Animals. The Repro360 purpose is to have a complete vision of the industry whilst creating a useful network for all the stakeholders involved in this field. The mission is to bring a collaborative way to assisted reproduction in livestock through a wide range of high-end veterinary products, professional support, specialised services, and reputable, proven expertise in the field. The aim of Repro360 is to improve the outcomes of reproduction technology, techniques and education globally.


Central to Repro360 is a new website ( focused on educating and collaborating with all stakeholders of reproduction management. The website will feature many resources applicable to cattle breeders. The Repro360 Directory will connect breeders with assisted reproduction providers across all areas of Australia ranging from AI services, to embryo transfer and IVF providers. To improve collaboration across the industry case studies from fellow cattle breeders will be presented, demonstrating how they have improved their breeding objectives.


Education is a feature of the website, with a detailed explanation of assisted reproduction technologies and natural mating systems. The information available to cattle breeders is not limited to the content on the website, as a dedicated helpline is available to allow breeders to get in contact with an expert team to seek further information or ask any questions relating to reproductive management in their operation.


An additional feature of Repro360 is the Repro360 TV. Located on the website, is a range of educational ‘how to’ videos developed with the assistance of Angus Australia. The Repro360 TV takes the guess work out of how to effectively perform tasks associated with implementing assisted reproduction programs.

The performance will be driven through intelligent solutions that will work across all the aspects of reproduction. Repro360 intends to provide all the information you need to start, to improve or amplify your breeding activities, this could be simply improving your current system, or considering an assisted reproduction program. The dedicated experts assist in finding a solution related to reproduction in your herd, by working with the objectives of each operation. Australian breeders and veterinarians are invited to be involved in the Repro360 project and to use the tools, network, knowledge and products to increase their quality work and to multiply their outcomes.

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