Vetoquinol acquired Vetcom Pharma Gmbh

This operation represents an important step forward in our strategy to develop our 360° approach in reproduction, providing adapted solutions to some of the most important needs of our customers.


Reprocine® is a synthetic stabilized long acting analogue of oxytocin that has important indications in cattle and swine reproduction.

It is already distributed by Vetoquinol in the UK, Spain, Germany and France and by our following partners:

- Germany: IDT-Biologika (under the brand Longacton ®)

- Austria: Prozoon (under the brand Longacton ®)

- Switzerland Vital A.G. (under the brand Longacton ®)

- Belgium and Netherlands: Dechra (under the brand Longacton ®)

- Czech Republic and Slovakia: Nordic Pharma (under the brandDepotocin®)

- Hungary: Medicus Partner (under the brand Longacton ®)


Oestracton® is a GnRH (Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone) analogue that is extensively used in cattle reproduction. Oestracton® is currently marketed by IDT-Biologika in Germany, and is registered in other European countries