At both the level of the Group and its subsidiaries, Vetoquinol supports organisations which contribute to animal and human welfare. For example:


Sponsorship of the Paris Zoo

The Paris Zoo, in the heart of the city, displays the diversity of the living world. It is one of the missions of the national Natural History Museum, which has been dedicated to the study and the preservation of nature for 400 years. The Paris Zoo reopened in 2014, 80 years after it was founded and after several years of refurbishing. It is designed as a journey through biodiversity: the spectacular trail passes through five regions of the world.

From Patagonia to the Sahel-Sudan plain, from Europe to the tropical scenery of Guyana and Madagascar, animals become ambassadors for their natural habitat.

The national Natural History Museum is creating the 21st century zoo in this legendary location: a remarkable tool for raising awareness of nature, a centre for conservation that respects animals, and a place of science and research.

The Museum’s involvement in breeding and conservation programmes, the diversity of its fields of research, the complementary nature of its different sites and its missions as a public institution give this project a distinct identity. This new zoo is both a player and a tool to  educate people about biodiversity.


Vetoquinol and the Paris Zoo have common values: they both feel responsible for improving animal and human well-being, and they both work on a daily basis to support the survival of species and biodiversity.

Vetoquinol supports the Paris Zoo's medical teams, providing material and funds for the veterinary clinic.


At the cutting edge of technology, this clinic uses the most modern equipment to ensure the welfare and health of the zoo’s animals. Its missions are also to train students, to be a place of research and a meeting point, and to address issues of animal health, conservation of endangered species, and awareness among young visitors about various animal health related professions.


Centraide, providing support for the most disadvantaged

Vetoquinol Canada and Centraide: for over 10 years, Vetoquinol Canada has raised funds for the Centraide foundation. This commitment aims to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable, and to promote mutual support, sharing, concerted action, and voluntary and community action.

Vetoquinol actively participates in local events for Centraide Lanaudière every year, and remains one of the largest corporate donors in this region. In 2016, as a result of a number of activities (including a ball hockey tournament), Vetoquinol Canada raised a total of CA$14,173 placing it in the Gold category (donors of more than CA$10,000) for the 4th consecutive year.


Changing lives, one goat at a time

Over ten million people in rural Uganda live in abject poverty, surviving on less than $1.25 per day. Veterinarians without Borders is working in Uganda to help rural communities raise goats that can benefit families, communities and entire villages. What can a goat do? Improve nutrition, raise socioeconomic status, facilitate the empowerment of women in a family and more. One goat changes lives.
Vetoquinol Canada was deeply touch by this project and decided to take action. During the month of August and September of 2015, a special operation was conducted on one of our products with the goal of offering goats to the Goat Pass-On Project. Thanks to this, Vetoquinol Canada has donated 500 goats ($25,000 CAD) to help these communities of Mbarara.




Vetoquinol, Big Sponsor of the Eurockéennes de Belfort


Since 2013, year of Vetoquinol 80th anniversary and of the Eurockéennes de Belfort music festival 25th anniversary, the Group is Big Sponsor of the festival, like other economic stakeholders such as Alstom, General Electric, Crédit Agricole (bank) or Mercedes-Benz. This festival is ranked among the top 10 international festivals by some experts and it has a regional, national and international reputation.


For Vetoquinol, this is a way to support the biggest festival taking place in the Group’s region of birth and to a major local economic stakeholder. It also allows the Group to share moments of conviviality with our customers and employees, who are invited every year in number.