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FLEVOX®, the new parasiticide for dogs and cats

Lure (France), 14 February 2012 – Vétoquinol launches Flevox®, the latest addition to its range of parasiticides. The new drug is based on fipronil, the molecule par excellence in the treatment of tick and flea infestations in pets.

packshot FlevoxFlevox® marks the completion of the Group’s range of parasiticides for pets. It combines the advantages of efficacy and simple administration for pet owners. The range also includes Dolpac®, an internal parasiticide. Flevox® will be marketed in 5 different dosages and 2 different pack sizes, giving veterinarians greater flexibility when delivering the drug.

The parasiticide market is a major segment of the animal health market, accounting for nearly 20% of the world market. The European market is estimated at around €800 million. The launch of Flevox® in Europe positions Vétoquinol in a large and dynamic segment of the market.

“With Flevox® we are now able to offer a comprehensive range of internal and external parasiticides”, Vétoquinol CEO Matthieu Frechin explained. “As usual with Vétoquinol, our competitive edge will hinge on the customer service we provide to veterinarians. We expect the European market to give the product a hearty welcome, given that spring is normally the season for starting parasite treatment”.

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