Achieve More Together

Vetoquinol has always had a very particular place within the world of animal health. Founded in 1933, we are one of the most experienced companies in this industry. From the very beginning of our story, we have dedicated all of our efforts to improving the health of animals and, by doing so, contributing indirectly to the health of humans.


In today’s world, the need for animal proteins to feed an ever growing population is strongly increasing. On the other hand, more and more people are developing a strong relationship with their pets. Satisfying these needs is a noble challenge for all our employees, who invest themselves with passion in their work to meet these challenges.


Vetoquinol's success is due to the constant focus on our customers: their world has changed considerably over the last 80 years and will undoubtedly continue to change dramatically in the coming years. Our company adapts to these changes and anticipates them in order to remain a continuously reliable partner for all those concerned with the health of animals anywhere in the world.


We believe in sustainable relationships and human development, in listening to and understanding people's needs and in teamwork, with our customers, our partners and our employees.


The Vetoquinol Brand is a key element of our strategy. The brand and our signature stand for who we are and for our ambitions. Our actions will continue to prove that together, we can make animal health advance faster.


Moreover, this project answers the internal objective of thinking and acting together, respecting everyone in the group and developing ourselves by working together.


We will achieve more together, day after day.



As an integral part of Vetoquinol's DNA, operational excellence is our ability to meet customers' high standards as part of a continuous improvement dynamic aimed at enhanced flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness. Vetoquinol's culture is based on our strengths and ability to work as a team. People are at the heart of this vital process.



Vetoquinol is an independent and international veterinary pharmaceutical laboratory that builds trusting relationships with stakeholders in animal health across the globe, including veterinarians, livestock professionals and pet owners.


Reliable > Top-quality products and experienced employees for proven trust

Flexible > A human dimension for swift and effective decision making

Reassuring > Active attentiveness to understand and meet the needs of customers around the world

Forward moving > A deep-seated commitment to innovation and continuous improvement for shared growth