Anti-corruption and influence peddling

VETOQUINOL Group is currently drafting its “Anti-corruption and influence peddling” code of conduct to satisfy the provisions of the French Law “Sapin II”. This code is intended to reinforce the Group’s instruments and practices in terms of ethics and corporate social and environmental responsibility.

The ethical aspect was first integrated into our business practices many years ago, which helped strengthen the excellent reputation of VETOQUINOL in the countries in which we operate. We take care to respect the highest professional and ethical standards, towards our employees and shareholders as well as towards our clients, suppliers and partners. Matthieu Frechin, Chief Executive Officer, explained, “This new anti-corruption code of conduct is a way for our Group to reaffirm its commitment to the matter and to contribute to its sustainable development.” 


Our code of conduct will be drawn up to guide our actions and our behaviour on a daily basis, particularly with regards to:

  • Gifts and invitations, signs of courtesy, and hospitality
  • Relations with public officials
  • Donations to charities and political organisations
  • Patronage and sponsorship
  • Facilitation payments


All people acting on behalf of VETOQUINOL Group will be required to comply with this code of conduct, regardless of the place and nature of their work.

Non-compliance with the rules laid down in this code of conduct is likely to cause serious harm to the image of the Group as well as severe financial loss. Great vigilance is required to respect the rules specified in the code.


It should be finalised in the first quarter of 2018.

This document might not provide the answer to all issues. It will still be necessary to use one’s own judgement and common sense. 

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