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Vetoquinol defines its future products according to the needs of the market, development trends, competitive pressure and the expectations of its customers.




    A creator of innovative antimicrobials, Vetoquinol has established itself as one of the Animal Health's leader in the fight against infectious diseases, advocating rational use of antibiotics.


    Vetoquinol offers you a one-stop, one-shop solution for your professional animal reproduction needs. Tools that always deliver precisely what is expected of them.


    Vetoquinol offers a complete range of products for pain relief and prevention. By contributing to the well-being of animals, our company is addressing an ethical and therapeutic issue, as pain has well-known deleterious effects on health.


    Certain changes in our daily routine can have considerable effects in our pets. Vetoquinol cares about the well-being of our companion animals and their ability to adapt serenely to unexpected situations.


    Our pets are often our best friends. It is our responsibility to keep them healthy and provide them with the best possible care. At Vetoquinol, we offer our customers a complete range of products to meet the needs of their cats and dogs in terms of hygiene.


    Our pets often suffer from long-term or chronic illnesses. Vetoquinol consistently strives to enhance the welfare of cats and dogs; our key objective is therefore to offer solutions for daily relief and support.


    Pets are very prone to parasites, both internal and external. Not only is their presence a nuisance for both the animal and his owner, but parasites can also be a threat to the animal.


    Heart and renal failure are among the most common chronic conditions in dogs and older cats, affecting their quality of life and reducing their life expectancy, which is why Vetoquinol has chosen to develop innovative therapeutic solutions in cardionephrology.





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  • Cats and dogs

    The emotional bond between pets and their owner is fundamental to their well-being. Vetoquinol therefore strives to develop products that are not only effective, but also easy to administer, with special emphasis on the palatability of oral products for cats and dogs.
  • Cattle

    Vetoquinol offers a line of high quality products to keep your operation healthy and profitable.
  • Swine

    Vetoquinol offers innovative solutions that help pig farmers in the day-to-day running of their farms.