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Vetoquinol, in partnership with vets

Vetoquinol works alongside veterinarians to develop innovative pet products. As the main prescribers of our products, vets are in the perfect position to tell us what they need, what they expect and what they want to see in the products of tomorrow.

Innovative pet products by species  

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Cat and dog
medical products 

The emotional bond between pets and their owners is fundamental to  ...

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Cattle farming
medical products 

Vetoquinol offers a line of high-quality products to keep farm animals  ...

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Pig farming
medical products 

Vetoquinol offers innovative solutions that help pig farmers in ...

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Our range of animal therapy areas and products

At Vetoquinol, we develop products according to the needs of our clients. We also stay one step ahead of development trends to ensure we have all animal therapy areas covered.