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Limiting pain in animals: an ethical issue and a major requirement in today's society where animal welfare is gaining increasing importance.

What pain management encompasses

Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience. It is subjective and based primarily on the feelings of the patient, making it even more difficult to quantify and qualify. Nevertheless it becomes a real issue in companion animals and is also a source of particular attention in production animals, where it is associated with inflammation and economic losses.

Our philosophy with respect to pain

The mission that Vetoquinol has set itself with regard to its "Pain" division is to propose solutions to prevent, treat and manage pain, regardless of the type of pain and its origin, with products, services and training, in order to make daily practice easier. A daily challenge for which the Group is constantly investigating innovative solutions and implementing both human and financial resources so that pain is no longer experienced as a fatality.

Key Vetoquinol brands for pain and inflammation

Tolfedine CS® and Tolfine® (livestock), Cimalgex® (treatment of acute and chronic pain for dogs), and Flexadin® and Caniviton® (joint support in osteoarthritis for cats and dogs), Diurizone® (livestock).

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