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What antimicrobials are

Antimicrobials are drugs which are used to fight infection, whether viral, bacterial or fungal.

Vetoquinol, antimicrobial expertise

With its wide range of veterinary products, Vetoquinol provides the most appropriate solution for every situation, allowing vets to address any situation:
• regardless of the species involved (cattle, pigs, dogs, cats)
• regardless of the affected tissue (lung, breast, bowel, skin, bladder, etc.)
• regardless of the severity of the infection
• regardless of the germ involved.
In addition, Vetoquinol provides a therapeutic arsenal which comprises all necessary dosage forms (tablets, injections, ear ointments, skin creams, etc.).

Vetoquinol also innovates in terms of service by:
• providing antibiotic discs to test the sensitivity of bacterial strains
• regularly publishing updates on the sensitivity of bacterial strains to our antibiotics
• organising Vetoquinol Academia training session dedicated to antibiotics
• promoting the proper use of antibiotics (reasoned prescription)
• offering various audits to manage microbial pressure in clinics and on farms.

Vetoquinol, for rational antibiotic use

The fight against the development of bacterial resistance and the preservation of antibiotic activity have become a public health issue worldwide. For years, Vetoquinol has defended the rational use of antibiotics, both at various national and international professional bodies, and by developing specific products.

Thus Forcyl®, an antibiotic for livestock animals, confirms the Group's commitment with SISAAB (Single Injection Short Acting AntiBiotic) concept, a means to effectively combat acute respiratory infections in cattle while minimising the risk of developing antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Among the products offered by Vétoquinol, the following are the most emblematic: Marbocyl®, Forcyl®, Ceftiocyl®, Clavaseptin®, Clindaseptin®, Cefaseptin®, Kefloril®, Aurizon®, Oridermyl®, Longamox®, Pen-Histra-Strep, Doxicor®, Amoxinsol®, Aluspray®, Linspec®, Permacyl®.


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