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Vetoquinol, a shared philosophy

At the root of Vetoquinol is a culture of passion, energy, and commitment. These qualities are shared by all our teams – from scientific to industrial and marketing to administration. No matter where they are in the world, each of our employees is proud to contribute to Vetoquinol’s mission of enhancing the wellbeing of animals and people.

From the start, Vetoquinol's culture and values have guided our actions and decisions. They also unify our teams at an international level.
Vetoquinol's culture and values can be summed up in three words:
Trust. We recognise the commitment, reliability, integrity, and skills of every individual.
Dare. We take initiative. We innovate, not fearing failure. And we learn from our experiences.
Collaborate. We encourage internal and external partnerships, consulting all relevant stakeholders. We respect other people and benefit from each other’s diversity, talent, and culture.

Vetoquinol, always close to our clients

Our relationships are based on honesty and loyalty. All our teams work towards the same goal: to listen, understand and respond to our clients’ needs, wherever they are in the world.

For our veterinary partners, we go well beyond providing products. Our services improve the care they provide for animals every day. Vetoquinol’s culture and values, history and expertise mean we’re also perfectly placed to partner with livestock farmers. We also support pet owners with our range of OTC (over the counter) products – available worldwide – as well as diagnostic services and digital tools.

Protecting Vetoquinol's culture and values for the future

We’ve chosen to remain an independent company, free to make our own decisions and take a long-term approach to investment and growth. Our family shareholding enables us to be more flexible and responsive.

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