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Heart and renal failure are among the most common chronic conditions in dogs and older cats, affecting their quality of life and reducing their life expectancy, which is why Vetoquinol has chosen to develop innovative therapeutic solutions in cardionephrology.

What is Cardio-nephrology?

This area encompasses products intended for treatment or diagnosis of Heart Failure (HF) and Chronic Renal Failure (CRF).
Heart Failure is defined as the inability of the heart to maintain cardiac output sufficient to meet the body's energy needs.
Chronic Renal Failure is defined as the gradual, significant and permanent impairment of kidney function. It is characterised by progressive destruction of kidney tissue. The two conditions are linked. Vetoquinol-supported research shows a strong association in their occurrence. The clinical picture they form should be regarded as a unit.

Vetoquinol, genuine expertise in the field of cardio-nephrology

Heart disease is common in dogs, affecting approximately 10% of them. However, some breeds and lines are more vulnerable than others. These conditions affect the metabolism and behaviour of dogs, impairing their quality of life and reducing their life expectancy.

Vetoquinol has long invested in cardiology, lending strong support to opinion leaders in their research. In 2015, Vetoquinol launched an innovative new drug, UpCard®, a genuine breakthrough in the treatment of congestive heart failure.

Wide product range: Vetoquinol now offers five products in this therapeutic area, the most comprehensive product range of all animal health companies.
Wide geographic distribution: Vetoquinol's Cardionephrology range is available in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania.
Highly innovative products: far from being mere copies, each Vetoquinol product in the Cardionephrology product range features an innovation, whether in terms of its dosage, mechanism of action or clinical effect, and therefore makes a genuine contribution to the veterinary armamentarium.
Expertise: thanks to its involvement, Vetoquinol has forged links with experts in the fields of Cardionephrology and with practitioners who receive regular training on therapeutic advances in this rapidly developing field. We also support the research teams of several veterinary schools.

Our cardio-nephrology brand portfolio

UpCard®, Prilium®, Ipakitine®/Epakitine®, Azodyl®, Rubenal®…


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