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Internal and external parasites (e.g. fleas and ticks), are a menace to cats and dogs all year round. In addition, fleas also nest in carpets, fabrics, etc., so that the whole home environment may become infested in no time.

Vetoquinol strives to offer its customers affordable and user-friendly solutions.

In this context, Vetoquinol has developed a complete range of internal and external antiparasitic products to improve the well-being of dogs and cats, not to mention that of their owners! 

Flevox®, Dolpac® and Tiquanis® Habitat 

The Flevox® product range rapidly gets rid of ticks and fleas with treatments customised to the breed and weight of the animal. Further solutions are available, such as Dolpac®, a broad spectrum wormer for dogs, and Tiquanis® Habitat, a home insecticide which eliminates insects (fleas, lice, bedbugs), mites (ticks, chiggers, scabies mites) and spiders.

 Profender® and Drontal®

Vetoquinol markets the Profender® and Drontal® product families (deworming drugs for dogs and cats). These two ranges are available in tablets and spot-on application and are marketed in the following territories;

  Profender® Drontal®
Canada OK OK
United kingdom   OK
Europe   OK
Australia   OK

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