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2020 sales: €427.5M (up 8.0% as reported, up 10.9% at constant exchange rate) essentials sales: €220.6M (up 15.7% as reported, up 17.3% at constant exchange rate)

Vetoquinol CEO Matthieu Frechin said: “2020 was an exceptional year on a number of counts. Above all, it is important to pay tribute to our teams, whose hard work and exemplary dedication allowed us to manage the impact of the health crisis. Year on year, we achieved double-digit sales growth at constant exchange rates, driven by our Essentials products. This momentum accounts for additional sales of €43 million (at constant exchange rates). We also completed a major acquisition in the form of the Drontal® and Profender® product ranges, entailing three structural effects for Vetoquinol: a scale effect, a product mix effect in the Essentials range and potential extensions, the first of which has been confirmed in January 2021 for the Australian market. We are optimistic for our business outlook in 2021, while being vigilant in relation to the global sanitary situation.

21/01/2021 Public releases

Q3 2014 sales up 11.0%

The Vétoquinol Group reported Q3 2014 sales of €82.2 million, up 11.0% compared to the same period last year (up 11.1% at constant exchange rates).

23/10/2014 Public releases

2014 sales up 5.2% to €315.3 million

The Vétoquinol Group posted 2014 sales of €315.3 million, up 5.2% from the previous year. At constant exchange rates, sales rose by 6.3%. The Vétoquinol Group achieved organic growth of 1.4% in 2014.

22/01/2015 Public releases

Q1 2019 sales: €90.9 million (up 3.7%)

Vetoquinol Group sales for Q1 2019 amounted to €90.9 million, up 2.3% at constant exchange rates and up 3.7% as reportedfrom the same period last year.

17/04/2019 Public releases

Solid first half 2012 Sales

First half 2012 sales reached €146.8 million, up 5.1% over first half 2011.

17/07/2012 Public releases

2015 sales up 8.7% to €342.6 million

The Vetoquinol Group posted 2015 sales of €342.6 million, up 8.7% on reported data and up 3.8% at constant exchange rates. The Group benefited from a positive currency impact of 4.9% mainly linked to the US dollar, Indian rupee and British pound.

08/02/2016 Public releases

2020 first half results consolidated sales: €196.1m (up 7.5% at constant exchange rates) net income group share: €15.1m (7.7% of sales)

At its meeting on July 29, 2020, the Vetoquinol S.A. Board of Directors reviewed the Group results and approved the first half 2020 financial statements. The auditors have completed their audit of the financial statements and will shortly issue their report thereon.

30/07/2020 Public releases

Q3 2017 sales of €88.3 million, up 5.2% at constant exchange rates

For the third quarter of 2017, the Vetoquinol Group posted sales of €88.3 million, up 5.2% from Q3 2016 at constant exchange rates.

17/10/2017 Public releases

Continued Sales Growth in the second Quarter of 2010

Vétoquinol recorded strong sales growth (+15.1%) in the first six months of 2010, driven mainly by an increase in organic growth.

16/07/2010 Public releases

2018 sales: up 3.2% to €367.9 million



24/01/2019 Public releases