vetoquinol, seven production sites close to our clients

industrial performanceVetoquinol has seven production sites worldwide, producing 25 million sales units in 2017. Each site is specialised by galenic form and respects the strictest manufacturing standards with a constant focus on quality. To optimise responsiveness and logistics costs, they primarily  serve local markets, but are also able to supply the rest of the world

The great strength of Vetoquinol is its ability to be flexible and to constantly adapt medicine production to market demands. Thus, we are able to meet our clients needs by producing medicines in medium and even small quantities.

A new plant for the development and manufacturing of dry formulations was opened in 2014 in Lure (France). It was designed with the most modern methods and innovative technologies. 


Vetoquinol, strict respect of standards

Within Vetoquinol, the production of drugs for animals is ensured in strict respect of increasingly stringent pharmaceutical standards. The production sites are compliant with Manufacturing Best Practices.

Through its commitment to national and international professional organisations (Health For Animals, IFAH Europe, SIMV), Vetoquinol can anticipate changes in regulation so as to better adapt its production base.

The Darwin programme or continuous day-to-day improvement

All Vetoquinol teams are involved in a programme of continuous improvement named Darwin, which has been underway since 2009. Amongst other things, this programme has made it possible to reduce lead-times for supplying our products by 25%.

Every Vetoquinol employee is involved in this success and regularly participates in optimisation projects, throughout Industrial and Quality Division departments.